Our Group

Who are we?

Transition Feilding is a local initiative made up of people from the town and country - just like you. We network and co-operate to create a more resilient community for everyone in and around Feilding, from child to senior citizen. We're already the most beautiful town, so lets be the most functional and resilient too!

Joining Us

Membership is open to any individual or organisation who agrees with the Purpose of Transition Feilding.

Individual Membership
- To become a Member, individuals will fill out a membership form approved by the Core Group and pay any fees or subscriptions due
- An Individual Member will have one vote at General Meetings.

Organisational Membership
- Where membership is sought by an organisation, the organisation will complete an application form approved by the Core Group for that purpose and pay any fees or subscriptions due
- An organisation shall nominate a person as their representative for General Meetings
- An organisation may transfer the representation by a note, in writing, to the Secretary
- The Secretary will record the organisation, the representative and the date of receipt of the authorisation in a minute and update the database
- An organisation will have one vote at General Meetings

Core Group

Transition Feilding has a managing committee referred to as the Core Group. The Core Group is comprised of Elected Officers and Interest Group Members. Elected Officers are members of Transition Feilding and are elected at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting notified for that purpose. There are a minimum of three, and a maximum of five Elected Officers on the Core Group. Elected Officers are elected to fulfill the roles of Convenor, Secretary and Treasurer. Interest Group Representatives on the Core Group are members of Transition Feilding and are chosen by each Interest Group to represent that group on the Core Group.

Our current Core Group Officers are:
Convenor - Vanessa Witt - convenor @ transitionfeilding.org.nz
Secretary - Jill Faulkner - secretary @ transitionfeilding.org.nz
Treasurer - Trevor Witt - treasurer @ transitionfeilding.org.nz