Our rules were adopted at our first General Meeting on 16th April 2014. You can download a copy of the rules here.

The rules outline our purpose ...


To promote permaculture ethics of
- 'Earth Care'
- 'People Care'
- 'Fair Share' throughout the community of Feilding and surrounding areas.

Transition Feilding will:
- Provide educational and practical projects to increase knowledge and skills that enhance well-being, sustainability and resilience in the local community.
- Promote the protection, conservation and regeneration of the environment.
- Facilitate greater social cohesion and integration within the community.
- Cooperate with and support other community groups within the greater Feilding area that are engaging in projects that promote the well-being, sustainability and resilience of the local community.
- Secure and manage funding to achieve the purpose of Transition Feilding.